Geoscience Synchrotron Steering Committee


Abstracts of Submitted Facility Proposals


Name Location Beamlines PI
SYSTER ALS,, Brandy Toner (Minnesota)
SSRL Resources for EES SSRL Various

Sam Webb

(SLAC, Stanford)

In Situ Rock Deformation Network Various Various Wenlu Zhu (Maryland)
GeoSTraTeCI Hawaii Premyslaw Dera (Hawaii)
Earth Science at NSLS-II TES and XFM NSLS-II TES, XFM

Paul Northrup

(Stony Brook)

ALS Hard X-Rays ALS 12.2.2, 12.3.2 8.32 Quentin Williams (Santa Cruz)
COMPRES Multi-Anvil NLSL-II/APS XPD, 6-BM-B Donald Weidner (Stony Brook)
Multi-Anvil Cell Development Ariz St Kurt Leinenweber (Arizona St)
Synchrotron Infrared Facility NSLS-II FIS Rus Hemley (Illinois-Chicago)
Inelastic and Nuclear Resonant Scattering APS 3-ID, 30-ID Mark Rivers (Chicago)
GSECARS Overview APS Sector 13 Mark Rivers (Chicago)
GSECARS Diamond Cell APS 13-ID-D, BM-C, BM-D Vitali Prakapenka (Chicago)
GSECARS Large Volume Press APS 13-ID-D, ID-C, BM-D Yanbin Wang (Chicago)
GSECARS Microprobe and Tomography APS 13-ID-E, BM-D Tony Lanzirotti (Chicago)
GSECARS Surface, Interface, Ambient Diffraction APS 13-ID-C, BM-C Peter Eng (Chicago)
GSECARS 14BM Geomaterials APS 14-BM Matt  Newville (Chicago)
GSECARS 14BM LVP and CMT APS 14-BM Yanbin Wang (Chicago)