Call for Proposals

NSF-Funded Organization for Synchrotron-Hosted Analytical Facilities for Earth Sciences

In developing a submission in response to the National Science Foundation EAR solicitation for “Community Facility Support: Synchrotron-Based Analytical Capabilities Advancing Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) Research and Training” the Geoscience Synchrotron Steering Committee is soliciting proposals for facilities and projects to be included in this proposal. Such proposals may be from existing GSECARS and COMPRES facilities as well as new facilities to serve the needs of the earth and environmental sciences (EES) community. These submissions will be used by the Principal Investigator (PI) and Steering Committee to develop a budget request that ensures an optimal level of support for beamlines and community facilities in the proposal. We also seek to ensure that the suite of facilities supported are world-leading and make the best use of the resources available to advance the research needs of the EES community. The proposal to NSF is due on March 4, 2022. If successful, it is anticipated that a five-year cooperative agreement will begin approximately one year after the proposal submission deadline.

Proposals for both new and existing facilities should provide the information requested on the reporting forms available below. The Steering Committee will arrange for review of these submissions and prepare a summary with recommendations that will be available to the PI, Steering Committee, and proposal writing team. Please submit these items in Microsoft Word and Excel formats to the Steering Committee Chair, Thomas Duffy ( Review of proposals will commence on October 15th, 2021. If you have any questions while you are preparing your report and/or funding request, please feel free to contact us for additional information and guidance.

Click here to view the Abstracts for Facility Proposals.